Would This Viral Spider Costume Scare Your Pets?

Two dogs can be best friends, right? Well, these two are like siblings who like to play jokes on each other. A recent viral video has been making viewers around the world laugh with its creative prank—dressing the small pug in a spider costume chasing the larger dog around an apartment.

The Viral Sensation

The video in question features a pint-sized pooch, adorably disguised in an elaborate spider costume, complete with realistic furry legs. The tiny canine, seemingly delighted in its creepy getup, scampers around the apartment. Its unsuspecting victim, a larger dog, appears to be both baffled and spooked by this eight-legged imposter. The scene is both hilarious and heartwarming, as viewers get to witness the interplay of confusion and playfulness between the two dogs.

Should You Try It At Home?

Dogs rely on visual cues and body language to understand their environment. A sudden change in appearance, such as a familiar friend turning into a giant spider, can be startling. The size, movement, and unfamiliar shape of the costume could potentially trigger a fear response in some pets. However, every pet reacts differently. While some might be terrified, others could find it intriguing or completely ignore it. We’re glad things turned out well for these two!