3 Things Penguins Always Do In The Spring

Photo by Pam Ivey on Unsplash

Spring has sprung! While flowers bloom and birds chirp in many parts of the world, penguin colonies around the Antarctic also come alive with a flurry of activity.  Here’s a peek into three fascinating things penguins always do in the spring.

The Great Molt: Trading Winter Coats for Sleek Swimsuits

After a long, harsh winter huddled together for warmth, their worn and bulky winter feathers need to be replaced. This annual molting process sees penguins shed their old feathers and grow a fresh, waterproof coat in preparation for swimming and fishing during the bountiful summer months.

Sledding on Bellies: A Hilarious (and Efficient) Way to Travel

While penguins are clumsy waddlers on land, they transform into graceful gliders on their bellies.  Spring brings the melting of snow and ice, creating perfect conditions for penguins to utilize their unique “belly flopping” technique.

Calling All Mates: Vocal Displays to Attract Partners

Spring is prime time for penguin romance!  Emperor penguins, known for their elaborate courtship rituals, use this time to attract mates. The males gather in large groups and bellow out loud, complex calls that sound like a combination of trumpeting and warbling. While not exactly singing, these calls are a vital part of penguin communication during the breeding season.