Artist Creates Adorable “Starry Night” Dog Paintings

When an educational blog shared Aja Trier’s painting of the Eiffel Tower and mistakenly branded it as a painting by the famous Vincent van Gogh, Trier decided to play along with it.

She created a series of Starry Night-inspired paintings that show the things the iconic Dutch painter never got to see before he passed away and called it “Van Gogh Never.”

Another series that features the Starry Night sky rendered in the thick brush strokes attributes of Post-Impressionism, is her Starry Night Dogs series. The New-York based artist reimagines Van Gogh’s painting with adorable dogs. The signature swirling clouds and twinkling stars are presented in each portrait but Trier alters it with various colors to make each piece unique.

Trier also does custom pet portraits and works with thick oil canvases.

You can check her website and Instagram page to see her all of her incredible artworks.