Baby Fox Makes Herself Comfortable in Dog Bed After Being Rescued from the Street

X (former Twitter) user Sarah Sumeray recently shared a great story on the social media platform about how she rescued an adorable baby fox.

In an X thread, Sumeray shared a photo of a baby fox in a dog’s bed. The wild animal can be seen napping while the sunshine lights up her face.

In the caption of the photo, Sumeray explained that she found the baby fox during a dog walk. The fox was apparently walking up to people and asking for help, so she decided to take it to her home.

As soon as the fox entered the home, she settled into the bed belonging to Sumeray’s dog to get some badly needed rest. In the meantime, Sumeray contacted the local fox rescue organization.

Sumeray’s post quickly went viral, being viewed seven million times, with social media users falling in love with the baby fox.

“Grabbing my shoes to go walk and find me a baby fox, “one user commented.

Sumeray later shared an update on the story, saying that the baby fox has been handed over to the Fox Angels Foundation. There, the baby fox will be taken care of by experts and grow up among other fox cubs until it’s ready to return to the wild.