Husky Tries to Escape Shelter By Climbing on the Roof

We all know that dogs love freedom, and nothing will stop them from getting it if they set their mind on it. The latest example is the story shared by Adams County Pet Rescue (ACPR), an animal shelter in Othello, Washington.

Back in 2023, ACPR made a post on Facebook that shows one of their residents, husky named Luna, standing on a roof of the shelter. Apparently, the dog got tired of being in a kennel and made a run for it. Fortunately, she managed to get down safely, and there were no consequences for her daring escape.

“Maybe Luna’s climbing skills are the reason her owner decided not to pick her up,” ACPR wrote while sharing a couple of Luna’s photos.

Luna’s intelligence was later on full display when she “graduated” from the Ridge Dog Training Program and entered a foster program. She was the first candidate to be selected, being a perfect choice “because she’s outgoing and very friendly.”

ACPR later shared another update on Luna, saying that she is doing great in the foster program.

“She is the biggest sweetheart, and everyone adores her! She has a cozy bed but prefers the tile floor with her legs against the wall, exactly how she is in the picture below is how you’ll find her 90% of the time,” ACPR added while reminding everyone that Luna is still available for adoption.