Barcelona, Spain is Home to its Own Corgi Café

Corgis are one of the most delightful dog breeds out there, but what if we told you there’s a café where you can enjoy a warm cup of coffee and some brunch in their company? That’s exactly the idea behind Corgi Café, the first establishment of its kind in Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona is one of the European cities with the most incredible brunch cultures, and it’s home to countless brunch spots to choose from, but there’s something that sets Corgi Café apart. Despite offering truly delicious food, this café became a viral sensation for a different reason, and that’s the adorable corgis you can hang out with during your visit.

Corgi Café is the brainchild of Anton Ustimenko, and his own pet inspired him to open a café where corgis are the main attraction. “I love my dog ​​so much that I decided to name a restaurant after her. When you meet Juice, you will immediately understand everything,” he explains on the Corgi Café website.

Corgi Café offers all the brunch staples we all know and love, from toast and pancakes to eggs and croissants, that you can enjoy in the delightful company of corgis. Barcelona is currently the only Spanish city with its own corgi-themed restaurant, but Ustimenko is hoping he’ll soon expand the business to Madrid and two more cities in Catalonia.