Bark and Talon Air Team Up to Create an Exclusive Airline for Dogs

Not a single dog owner is comfortable leaving their dog in a crate during a flight. This is usually a stressful experience for canines and can often have negative consequences on their well-being. This is why Bark, company who produces treats and toys for dogs, and airliner Talon Air, decided to team up to provide dogs with much better flying experience.

Bark and Talon Air created Bark Air, an airline that exclusively caters to dogs. On Bark Air flights, dogs have a VIP status. They can sit in the cabins, walk around the airplane, enjoy treats and in-flight entertainment, and have a team of stewards taking care of their every need.

Bark Air currently plans to have flights from New York City, Los Angeles, and London. The first flight is scheduled for May 23 from New York City to Los Angeles. Tickets cost around $6,000 per dog, although the company promises to bring these tickets down once it expands the business.

“Sure, some airlines welcome dogs on board. But on Bark Air, dogs are royalty. Bark has teamed up with a private charter company for a new era of dog-first travel. Bark Air has thought of everything to make the dog’s flying experience exceptional. And once aboard the flights, dogs live the good life,” Bark’s VP of Brand Marketing Dave Stangle told Inside Edition in a recent interview.