Watch the Time Lapse of Baby Palm Cockatoo Growing Into a Handsome Bird

Most baby birds are not exactly pretty. However, as time goes by and they grow up and get their feathers, they become among the most beautiful creatures on Earth. This glow-up becomes even more fascinating when you can witness it in real-time.

San Antonio Zoo, located in San Antonio, Texas, recently shared a time lap of baby palm cockatoo while growing up. It is mesmerizing to watch a squeaky featherless chicken turning into a handsome bird right in front of your eyes.

The video quickly spread on social media, with social media being amazed at the baby palm cockatoo’s transformation.

“Almost finished and he is getting more and more beautiful,” one Instagram user wrote in the comments section.

However, there were some who were more impressed with the bird’s vocal capabilities.

“He’s slowly evolving into a death metal singer,” another user added. 

Palm cockatoo is a bird species native to Oceania, including New Guinea and Queensland, Australia. It is easily recognizable thanks to its black feathers and red patches on the cheek. Palm cockatoos are considered endangered, being often targeted in the pet trade due to their unusual appearance. There are currently efforts aimed at repopulating the species.