Bear Crashes a Barbecue, Eats All the Burgers, and Washes Them Down with Diet Coke

When cooking burgers on the outside grill, it is really important not to leave them unattended. Otherwise, they might burn, or a bear might get to them before you do. And despite sounding silly, the latter scenario is quite possible.

TikTok user @melmelll7197 recently shared a video that shows two bears crashing a barbecue in their backyard. One of the bears can be seen opening the grill and finding 10 burger patties being cooked inside. Without thinking twice, the animal proceeds to down all 10 burgers in less than a minute.

The clip then shows a bear smashing a can of Diet Coke and presumably washing down the large amount of burgers it just ate.

The video became a huge hit on social media, amassing 1.7 million views since being posted in late September. It also attracted thousands of comments from other TikTokers, who used the opportunity to crack some jokes and imagine how the bears felt when they saw a huge feast being set up for them.

“Bear said ‘all this… for MEEE!???’,” one user wrote.

 “’ Don’t feed the bears’. Bear- ‘I’ll feed myself, thanks,’” another added

So, next time you are hosting an outside barbecue, make sure to be on the lookout for uninvited guests. Or simply get more burgers so everyone can enjoy it.