Funny Video Show Three Pigs Trying to Fit on a Single Couch With Their Human

Life with Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary in Williamsburg, Virginia, helps farm animals in need and gives them a forever home. In return, those farm animals give the staff a lot of joy and comical moments.

A funny video recently shared on Life with Pigs on YouTube channel shows Ryan Phillips, president of the sanctuary, lying on a couch as two pigs try to join him. One pig quickly snuggles alongside Phillips while the other one struggles to find a place for itself.

Soon, Phillips gets up in a sitting position to accommodate both pigs. But that didn’t cut it because a third pig also started demanding its place on the couch. The three pigs soon engage in a shouting match, with each looking to get comfortable.

Phillips quickly realizes that there is no way all of them remain on the couch. So, gets off the couch and lets the pig have it all for themselves. However, something tells us that they probably still kept arguing about who would get a better spot.

“How do you fit three pigs and one human on a couch? A takes a little pushing, a lot of noise, and a complete lack of cooperation. Oh and a little luck!” it says in the caption of the video.