Watch as a Labrador Hilariously Takes Food From His “Sleeping” Owner

We all want to think that our dogs are on their best behavior when we are asleep. However, as it turns out, this is when their opportunistic side wakes up.

Dog owner Mikaela Batz recently decided to put her Labrador Elvis to the test in order to see whether he can resist the urge to be mischievous when she sleeps. In a video posted on Elvis’ Instagram account, Batz can be seen pretending to sleep while holding a carrot in her hand.

Elvis, who is sitting on the floor, is looking at the carrot and is initially unsure whether he should take it. However, the more the canine looks at the carrot, the more it becomes attractive to him. Eventually, decides to take out of Batz’s hand while being extremely cautious in order not to wake her up.

As soon as Elvis starts eating the carrot, Batz “wakes up.” The dog gives his owner a guilty look but doesn’t stop eating the carrot.

The funny video quickly spread on social media. Instagram users were amused by Elvis’ inner struggles and thoughts, which were presented in the form of subtitles, as well as the fact that he failed to resist the temptation. You can check it out below.