Internet Users Are Puzzled by Group of Cats Having a Tree Meeting Every Day

If the world of animals had evil masterminds, cats would be perfect candidates for that role. While we all love them and think they are adorable, you have to admit that felines can also be arrogant, mean, and manipulative. Additionally, as a recent viral clip posted on Instagram shows, they enjoy plotting and scheming.

Instagram user Alyra Pet Sitter recently posted a reel on social media that shows a group of cats having a meeting on a tree. Four of them seem to be talking among themselves, while the fifth one is watching them from above.

“The local cats have a meeting in this tree every day,” it says in the text posted across the video.

It is safe to say that internet users were puzzled by this cat meeting and ended up proposing all sorts of wild theories in the comments section. 

“Orange cat meeting for next territory invasion,” wrote one Instagram user.

“You guys worried about AI taking over the world while these menaces already planned their next move to world domination,” another added.

“It’s the neighborhood watch meeting,” the third suggested. 

We would like to think that this group of cats was just hanging out. However, it goes without saying that we won’t be surprised if they end up conquering the world at some point because they definitely seem capable of doing that.