Bernard Henry’s Birds Have the Most Impressive Hat Collection

With a massive following of around a million people on both Instagram and TikTok, Bernard Henry is definitely one of the most popular bird lovers in the world. He welcomed around 150 feathered friends into his home over the years, and some of them truly enjoy wearing tiny hats.

Fat Hen Farms founder Henry is based in New Milford, Connecticut, and just like his birds—he too enjoys wearing many hats. He has a degree in biology, and farming happens to be just one of his many passions. In addition to being the owner of his own skincare line, Henry recently co-wrote a book that puts his Quail Finn front and center.

From peacocks and chickens to ducks and button quails, Henry saved around 150 neglected animals over the years. He started taking care of birds when he was just 17, and his quail Finn is definitely the start of the show, along with Quinn, Jake, and Daisy.

Henry’s birds became a true social media sensation after he started posting photos and videos that showed them wearing tiny hats. The social media star now has a collection of around 70 bonnets for his quails, and some of them even made it to his book The Imaginary Adventures of Finn: The Missing Sunflower Seeds.