Couple Builds an Adorable House for a Fat Billy, a Stray Cat

Living on the street, stray cats have a few tricks up their sleeve that help them survive winter. However, it doesn’t hurt to give them a helping hand and shelter them if you can.

TikToker Nadine Stay recently shared a video documenting how she and her husband decided to build a house for a stray cat named Fat Billy. The video quickly went viral, getting 3.2 million views.

In the video, Stay explains that her family fed Fat Billy for nine months. But with the winter approaching, she suggested to her husband to get the cat a bin with some straw to keep him warm. Instead, Stay’s husband decided to give the feline a proper home.

Using leftover material from a previous project, Stay and her husband built an adorable-looking mini house. They insulated the walls and roof, did some interior decoration, and even put flowers at the front to give Fat Billy a proper welcome.


It’s a classic case of “the guy who didn’t even want to buy straw for the cat ends up making a house for the stray cat.” I’m sure you’ve been there before. #straycat #cathouse #straycatsneedlovetoo

♬ original sound – Nadine Stay

Of course, Stay’s followers wanted to get an update on the story and see if Fat Billy moved in. The TikToker went on to share a follow-up video that showed the cat entering the house and immediately making himself at home.


Replying to @belkysromero10 Inspections passed, lease is signed, we have ourselves a new neighbor! #cathouse #straycat #fatbilly #catrescue

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