Brave Dog Tries to Protect “Jurassic Park” Kids From a Dinosaur Attack

You can always count on dogs coming to your protection regardless of the threat. Their bravery knows no limits, and they are ready to face any danger, even if that danger is a dinosaur.

A recent viral video posted on TikTok shows a dog named Bosco watching 1990s classic Jurassic Park. When a scene in which two kids are trying to escape a dinosaur attack comes up on television, Bosco decides to intervene.

Bosco can be seen jumping from the couch and approaching the screen. He then proceeds to bark at the TV every time the dinosaur comes up.

If you watched Jurassic Park, you know that the kids managed to escape unscathed. We believe that Bosco took the credit for that, and if you ask us, he deserved it.

The video of Bosco’s heroics quickly spread on TikTok and has been watched 28.8 million times since its posting. He also received a lot of praise for his actions in the comments section.

“the amount of concern the dog has for the kids like “idk whose kids those are but Imma guard them cuz I’m a good boy!”,” one TikTok user wrote.

“such a clever dog. he knows he must protect them,” another added.