Hilarious Clip Shows How It’s Like to Live With 5 Cats

Living with cats has plenty of perks but also comes with many challenges. Cats are energetic and prone to causing chaos, so you never really know what to expect. 

TikTok user @breakfastpowder recently shared a clip in which she shows what it’s like to live with five cats. And as you might imagine, there are quite a few hilarious scenes in it.

The clip is made out of security camera footage inside @breakfastpowder’s apartment and features all kinds of mischievous behavior by cats. At the beginning of the video, cats can be seen jumping from the stairs to the living room couch, resulting in a confused look on TikToker’s face. They also don’t hesitate to steal things from her table and pop out seemingly out of nowhere.

The clip received more than 12 million views since being posted earlier in February and made a lot of TikTok users chuckle. Some of them were wondering whether the cats actually knew there was a couch that would break their fall or if they just relied on luck.

“Pure luck, but I did put the couch there on purpose lol,” @breakfastpowder shared in a reply to one of the comments.

So, there you have it. The more cats you have in your house, the more exciting your life will be. But, you will also need to accept that it will be a lot more chaotic.