Fun Facts About Quokkas You Probably Didn’t Know

Image by Hamza Javed from Pixabay

Quokkas are considered the jolliest animals in the world. They always have a big smile on their cute little faces, and it’s impossible not to melt when you see one. But beneath those smiles is a quite fascinating animal, and these fun facts prove it.

Quokkas Eat Their Food in Two Stages

Quokkas, who primarily feed on leaves and grass, have an unusual way of eating. They first shred their food in chunks and then swallow it. Then, they regurgitate it, aka bring it back to their mouth from their tummies, and chew it properly before digesting it.

Quokkas Can Go a Month Without Drinking Water

Quokkas love being near water, but that doesn’t mean they like to drink it. Thanks to their diet, quokkas get plenty of water and can go a month without properly drinking it.

Quokkas are Great Climbers

If they see a tree, quokkas will climb it. They love to climb trees, and thanks to their sharp claws, they are quite good at it, being able to reach heights of up to six feet, which is admirable considering their size.

Quokkas Carry Their Young in a Pouch

Just like their cousins, kangaroos and quokkas carry their young, called joey, in a pouch. Joey will spend up to six months in his mother’s pouch before setting off into the world.

Quokkas Are Smiley But Not Harmless

For the most part, quokkas are peaceful and calm animals. However, when they believe they are in danger, quokkas won’t hesitate to bite and scratch anyone whom they perceive unfriendly.