Cat Strikes a Cute Selfie Pose But Walks Away After Being Mocked by Its Owner

Image via farhana.ruby/TikTok

Cats probably think they are the most glorious creatures on Earth. And they apparently don’t take it lightly when someone thinks otherwise as a recent viral video shared on TikTok shows.

TikToker @farhana.ruby recently posted a video in which she and her cat are capturing a selfie. As soon as the cat notices the camera, it immediately strikes a cute selfie pose.

When @farhana.ruby sees the pose, she starts chuckling, which the feline immediately notices. The cat isn’t entertained by the reaction and simply gets up and leaves the frame.

“i think he got embarrassed that I laughed at him for posing,” @farhana.ruby wrote in caption of the video that got 15 million views since being posted last week.

Internet users felt sorry for the cat and went to the comments section to demand @farhana.ruby’s apology.

“Go to him give him a treat and say youre sorry rn,” one user wrote.


@farhana.ruby later responded to several of these comments, saying that the cat received plenty of hugs and kisses after the video. She also shared a follow-up clip showing that the cat wasn’t affected by the incident at all. 


Replying to @🎐𝓚𝓲𝓪 our pose king will still pose for the camera again guys🤣 #fyp #foryoupage #catsoftiktok

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