Cats Are Obsessed With This Neighbor Who Pets Them On His Daily Walks

Chris, known as Catlumanti loves cats, and cats love him. He’s a cat-loving man who can’t get enough of feline companionship. Every day, he takes a leisurely walk through his neighborhood, keeping an eye out for any cats that might be in need of a good petting. As he strolls through the streets, he can’t help but be drawn to the soft purring and friendly meows of the cats he encounters. Since he moved to his current neighborhood he’s met at least 150 cats.

“This is the perfect neighborhood. We’ve been getting recognized on the catwalk. I love that we’ll be walking and then one of the neighbors will recognize us and be like ’Oh, I want to show you my cat.’ And it makes me feel so great to build a relationship with my neighbors,“ he said in an interview for The Dodo.

Growing up, he was always surrounded by felines, and before he moved to his new home, he knew he wanted to pet cats. But there was one cat that changed his life—Scampurr.

“He was living in the alleyway and he was so skinny. I picked him up, and he just got on my shoulder and started purring and I was like ’Oh, my God, we have to take this cat home.’“, Chris added.

He may be a busy man, but he knows that the simple act of petting a cat can bring joy and comfort to both himself and the feline he’s interacting with.