Chris Evans is Actually a Golden Retriever in Human Form, According to Twitter

Image via retrievans/Instagram

Chris Evans is one of the biggest movie stars of his generation and one of the coolest celebrities around.

He is amazingly talented, smoking hot, while also serving as a strong advocate for solving numerous social and political issues. Do you think he couldn’t get any more perfect? Well, think again, as it turns out that Evans is actually a golden retriever in human form.

While looking at Evans’ photos, one internet user noticed that Avengers’ star and adorable golden retrievers share some incredible similarities when it comes to posing, style, and of course, cuteness. The person then decided to prove his point to the internet and set up a Twitter account which is dedicated to sharing an impressive number of photos that prove this point.

We checked them out and believe us when we say that we are starting to believe Chris Evans was a golden retriever in the past life. Take a look for yourself.