Chubby Pit Bull Has an Incredible Transformation, Gets in the Best Shape

When personal trainer Kellie Roman met her beloved Pit Bull, Margo, the dog weighed 120 pounds, and all the extra weight was causing her a lot of problems. But after a one-year journey, Margo got in the best shape of her life and is now living a healthy and fulfilling life. Her story, as well as her transformation, is incredible.

Margo was a chubby stray dog when she was picked up by the volunteers from Chandler, Arizona-based non-profit One Love. There, she crossed paths with Roman, who believed she could help Margo shed the extra pounds and also provide her with a happy home.

After Margo settled in with Roman, she was put on a weight reduction program. Roman completely focused on the challenge and started sharing Margo’s journey on social media

The “Operation Margo Makeover” started slowly, with the dog walking short distances in order to get accustomed. Gradually, Roman increased the distance, and despite finding it hard at times and being on medications for hypothyroidism, Margo didn’t complain too much.

Soon, Margo also started doing agility drills as part of the training while being put on a healthy diet.

Roman has set a goal for Margo to lose at least 50 pounds, and the dog ended up reaching it in just eight months.

According to Roman, Margo now lives her best life, enjoying all the activities that other dogs enjoy. 

“Margo is doing great,” Roman told The Dodo in a recent chat. “She is a completely different dog, full of energy, and loves to go for walks and play ball.”