Watch a Bear Pull off a Ding-Dong Ditch Prank on West Virginia Family

Back in early May, West Virginia native Dustin Smith and his family had their quiet evening interrupted by a doorbell ring. But when they came out to see who was at the door, the front porch was empty.

Smiths initially believed they were victims of a harmless ding-dong ditch prank by some teens from the neighborhood. However, they decided to check out the Ring security camera just in case. What they found out was beyond their wildest guess.

It turned out there were no mischievous teens involved but that a wild bear was the one to pull out the prank. The footage shared by Smith on Facebook shows a bear approaching the door, hitting the doorbell, and then quickly running away.

“Last night we were a victim of the good old fashioned ding dong ditch, but this time it wasn’t being performed by a teenager,” Smith captioned the video.

When reached out by Storyful, Smith said that the couple was sleeping and that virtual assistant Alexa told them someone was at the door.

“It had been storming that night, and my wife heard the Alexa say that there was someone at our front door,” Smith told Storyful. “She woke me up letting me know, and I told her that there wasn’t anyone there.”

Smith inspected the footage from the Ring camera the next morning and ended up finding who the culprit was.