Shelter Organizes a Photo Shoot to Help Its Residents Find Their Valentines

Humans are not the only ones celebrating Valentine’s Day. Animals also want to have their Valentines, especially those that live in shelters and are hoping to find that special someone to spend their entire life with.

Recognizing that there are plenty of humans and animals looking for someone to be their Valentine, the staff at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center decided to act as an intermediary. They organized a photo shoot for its residents, hoping the festive photos would help them get noticed and unite them with humans who have some extra love to give out.

“We wanted to get a little creative, so they would get more attention on our website and on social media,” the shelter’s director of communications, Diane Ashton, shared with The Dodo.

According to Ashton, the animals really loved the entire expensive. They enjoyed being the stars of the show and all the extra petting and cuddles they received.

The shelter hoped the mood surrounding Valentine’s Day would help some of the animals find their forever home, especially the older ones. But while the interest has been greater than before, many animals are still waiting for a human to adopt them. So check out their photos below, and you might find that special someone to be your Valentine for next year’s Valentine’s Day.