Daily Furry Tales Comics Perfectly Capture the Relationship Between Humans and Pets

Want to start your day joyfully while getting a side of chuckles? Then Daily Furry Tales comics might just be the thing you need.

Created by an artist based in Bangalore, India, these comics have everything one animal lover could want. They are positive, filled with happy feelings, and perfectly capture the relationship between humans and their pets, often in a funny and relatable way.

For example, one of the comics shows how pets are never on the same sleeping schedule as we are. When we want to get that bit of extra sleep, they make sure that doesn’t happen because they feel like doing something. However, as soon as we are up and about our business, they immediately feel drowsy and down for a nap.

Another comic showcases how our pets don’t care about the things we find suitable for them. If they decide they want to play with a sock, they will play with a sock, regardless of whether there are plenty of other toys around.

Daily Furry Tales comics have become quite popular on social media, having 19K followers on Instagram and counting. To see why, check out more of them below.