This Dog Bravely Rides a Bus Alone to be With His Family

Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

Over a week ago, Tet Tapuyao from the Philippines shared a surprising video of a dog riding a jeepney bus alone.

Tapuyao and her friend were on a jeepney heading home from work when an unlikely passenger hopped in at one of the stops – a huge black dog.

“I asked a recent passenger if he was the owner,” Tapuyao told The Dodo. “To my amazement, he said no, he wasn’t.”

They wondered where the pup was heading and they discovered the sweet reason behind it.

This is the first time Tapuyao and her friend had ever seen a dog traveled by a bus alone. They were struck by his bold initiative.

“We kept laughing,” Tapuyao shared, “amazed and charmed by the dog and by the situation’s peculiarity. We were really fascinated at the sight.”

She decided to capture the special moment through her phone, hoping to see how things will unfold. Soon after, the jeepney pulled up to a stoplight beside a multicab (another public vehicle) filled with people. And that’s where things became crystal clear.

“One of the kids in the multicab shouted, ‘Oh my! It’s Vince!'” Tapuyao shared. “Then another, ‘Mom! It’s Vince,’ pointing at the dog.”

And so Vince, the dog, had found his family and reunited with them. It turns out that the dog’s family had left him at home while they were gone on an outing that day. Obviously the dog was not thrilled being left out, so Vince decided to follow them on their way by taking a bus. Ultimately, he got to join his family on their trip.

“They didn’t have any choice but to bring Vince together with them,” Clarissa Carillo, niece of the dog’s owner, told The Dodo.

Vince’s family sometimes take him on errands with them by bus, so the dog knows how to travel. But they never imagine Vince will actually go on a jeep alone.

“Vince did not undergo dog trainings,” Carillo shared. “He’s just a normal dog.”

My sister on her way home found this cutie riding a jeepney looking anxious and then this happens………#Vince

Posted by Nova Tapuyao on Friday, November 2, 2018