Dog is Judging Owner for Eating Treats Without Earning Them

One of the easiest ways to train your dog to do certain tricks or listen to commands is by employing a reward system. For every successful action, you give the dog a treat, and they will be encouraged to continue performing them in hopes of getting another treat. But just be careful because your dog might start believing this is the way the world works.

One dog owner recently shared a video that shows his Bichon Frisé named Kenny giving him a judging look because he was eating treats without earning them. The dog never blinks or breaks the eye contact, hoping for an explanation. 

 “watching dad inhale his 3rd packet of potato chips, but he made me do 10 tricks to get half a treat,” it says in the text placed across the video.

It turned out that Kenny wasn’t the only one judging his owners for treating themselves without work. Other TikTok users have experienced similar situations as well.

“i feel so judged by my dog every single day,” @midnight.stories93 wrote in the comments section.

“I often think this when Ive smashed 5 slices of cheese and only given him a corner. I’m judging myself no need to stare,” another user added.

So, if you don’t want to be judged by your four-legged friends, start giving them treats without making them perform tricks. Or at least, start doing some tricks yourself.