Dog Named Ingo Loves His Friends the Owls

Image by @Ingo & friends / Facebook

Are you a fan of unlikely friendships? We know we are, so today we have a heartwarming story of Ingo the dog and his feathery friends.

Ingo and friends are photographed by Tanja Brandt, an amazing animal photographer who loves her extended family. She finds that dogs and owls are not only great models but also incredible friends to keep close by.

“I’ve always loved animals, since I was a baby, unlike the rest of my family”, Tanja says. “When I was little, I found every sort of pet and then hid it from my parents. I love the beauty, power, loyalty, courage, and friendship of animals. Many people could learn from them.”

See the photos of Ingo and his friends by scrolling down.

Wenn es dich deine Seele kostet,war es zu teuer…..———————-If it costs your soul, it was too expensive

Posted by Ingo & friends on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Dein Gefühl bestimmt die Richtung….———————–Your feeling determines the direction…

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+++ Auflösung Gewinnspiel +++ Trostpreis +++ unterstützt von zoomworkRabattcode: ingo25%Hallo ihr Lieben! Danke für…

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Wenn die Welt Hektik sieht, hältst du sie an.Wenn die Welt Verrat sieht, siehst du Vertrauen.Wenn die Welt Kriege hat,…

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Posted by Ingo & friends on Friday, March 2, 2018