Dutch Photographer Captures Dangerous but Stunning Creatures

Dutch photographer Matthijs Kuijpers is an adventurous man who’s not afraid to come close to some dangerous creatures in order to take gorgeous photos.

Kuijpers is specialized in photographing cold-blooded animals like snakes and lizards. His first book contains the best of his photos and its titled Cold Instinct.

“His passion was so big that he left France as soon as he turned 18 to leave for Madagascar and has been traveling the world ever since to find and photograph the craziest, most colorful, best camouflaged and most dangerous reptiles around the world,” writes the website BiosPhoto. “Matthijs has been al over the world. From the deserts of Namibia, the rain forests of Papua New Guinea, the islands of the giant lizards of Komodo to the tiny inhabited islands of Cabo Verde.”

Check out why his photos were featured in National Geographic and many other publications.