Evie the Cocker Spaniel Delights the Internet With Her Ability to Find a Way Around Obstacles

Dogs are quite versed in solving obstacles. They might fail a few times, but eventually, they will find their way around. And we can only be impressed by that.

One dog owner recently shared a video on Instagram that shows their cocker spaniel named Evie overcoming a gate that should prevent her from going up the stairs. The adorable dog simply takes advantage of its slim and nimble body through a small gap between the gate and the wall. Easy-peasy.

“Evie, the full-time rebel, has always hated any obstacle to stop her from where she wants to go. Should have known the stair gate would be no match for her!” Evie’s owner wrote in the caption of the video

They also explained that they had to make some modifications to the obstacle in order to preserve the health of Evie’s joints but that the dog is not particularly happy about it.

“We’ve had to do some adjustments to the gate, now she can’t get up and affect her joints in this delicate puppy stage, BUT SHE IS SO CROSS AT US FOR DOING SO,” Evie’s owner explained.

Still, we wouldn’t be so sure that the adjustments will work. Judging by how Evie solved the original obstacle, we wouldn’t be surprised if she finds a way around the modified version as well.