Fun Facts About Seals You Probably Didn’t Know

Photo by Neil Cooper on Unsplash

Seals are friendly and curious marine animals with joyful personalities. In honor of these adorable creatures, we decided to help you get more familiar with them and share some fun facts you probably didn’t know. Let’s check them out.

Seals Can Spend 2 Hours Underwater

Seals are expert divers. Most seal species can spend around 30 minutes underwater without much effort, while some species, like elephant seals, can stay beneath the surface for two hours. Their ability to store oxygen in their muscles helps them do this.

Earless Seals Have Ears

There are several seal species, referred to as earless seals, which look like they don’t have ears. But despite their name and look, they do have ears. Their ears are just hidden under their fur and don’t have an auricle aka exterior part of the ear.

Mother Seal and Baby Seal Can Recognize Each Other’s Voice

The bond between the mother seal and the baby seal is really strong. The two start recognizing each other’s voice several hours after birth with the help of a distinct call. Studies have shown that they are able to do so even after years of separation.

Seals Are Not Too Picky About Sleeping Spots

Seals have a cool ability to sleep both on water, beneath the surface of the water, and on land. When they sleep on water, they float on the surface and just have their snout out. They are also known to dive and glide through water or just snooze on the ocean floor. When they are on land, they simply find a cozy spot, get comfy, and travel to the land of dreams.