Coyote Breaks Into Reddit User’s Yards to Play and Steal Dog Toys

When checking out their Ring camera footage recently, Reddit user u/zeeffft was treated with quite an unusual sight. A wild coyote broke into their yard and decided to play around a bit before stealing dog toys and running away.

 u/zeeffft shared a clip on the subreddit r/aww that shows the coyote approaching the front door and setting off the lights. The animal notices a dog toy lying on the ground and immediately picks it up. The coyote then starts throwing the toy around the yard and chasing it, essentially playing catch with itself.

At one moment, the coyote notices there is a second dog toy there. He decides that he doesn’t want to leave either one, so he picks up both after a few attempts and bolts before someone sees him.

Reddit users were quite amused by the video and had all sorts of funny comments on the situation.

“Understandable when you look at the quality of the coyote toys on the market, it’s all just overpriced plastic crap,” one user wrote.

“I’m sorry, but I had to laugh at “broke into”. I just had the image of a coyote cutting his way through a fence with a wire cutter,” another added.