Kobe the Husky Saved Christmas by Discovering a Dangerous Gas Leak

An adorable husky named Kobe became a local hero in his Philadelphia neighborhood after he discovered a dangerous gas leak several days before Christmas. Kobe’s discovery resulted in the gas company making necessary repairs and saved holidays for the neighborhood.

Kobe’s owner, Chanell Bell, shared his heroic acts in a video published on social media. According to Bell, she noticed something unusual when Kobe started digging holes in the yard. This being out of character for the husky, she decided to investigate further.

Having problems with gas leaks earlier, Bell got a gas level reader and checked the gas levels inside her house. Everything was normal, so she didn’t give it much thought. However, once Kobe made another hole, Bell decided to check there and immediately discovered alarming gas levels.

Bell immediately notified the gas company, which sent a crew of workers to take care of the issue. While working, some of the workers told Bell that she was fortunate Kobe discovered the gas leak because her house could have blown up if nothing was done about it.

“[It] was really, really mind-blowing,” said Bell in the video. “I’m so thankful – thankful for God, thankful for my baby boy [Kobe]. Yes – merry Christmas everybody.”


The Dog that saved the block before Christmas 🎄 #herodog #huskylife #christmas

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After the video spread on social media, Kobe was showered with praise and became an internet star.

“He needs a parade!!” one TikTok user commented.