Grandma Couldn’t Stop Crying Tears of Joy When She Receive A Furry Gift From Family

Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash

Matthey McVey saw that his grandmother, Shirley, was having trouble coping after her dog, Kinsey, died last month, ending their 14 years of being together.

When Shirley’s husband passed away in 2011, she and Kinsey became even closer but now her beloved pet was gone too.

“She was always upset and said sometimes she would feel so empty without her ‘little shadow.’ That’s what my granddad would call her,” McVey told The Dodo. “Kinsey was really the only thing that made her happy.”

So the family decided to help Shirley heal her broken heart with a new furry friend.

“My mother and sisters went to a local ASPCA and started looking at dogs. That’s when they found Sammy,” McVey shared. “The day after they met Sammy, they knew he was the perfect fit for my grandmother.”

Shirley has been recovering at a rehab facility when McVey’s mother decided to drop by to introduce Shirley to her new best friend, Sammy.

“My mom says that she couldn’t stop crying tears of happiness, and that she loves Sammy,” McVey shared. “She’s glad to have a dog back in her life.”

Sammy will be staying with McVey’s famiy, until Shirley is well enough to return home.