Harley’s Hidden Talent Amazed His Owner

Harley a 5-year-old dachshund from Belfast, Ireland, has a LOT on his plate, but even more so, his head! Known online as Harlso the Balancing Hound, the Instagram megastar is the King of Balancing, his tiny head holding a variety of props (anything from a toy slinky to a pine cone).

His magnificent skills have earned his over 70 million views on his many social media platforms, with features in esteemed morning shows and other media outlets. He’s even won the 2019 People’s Voice Webby Award.

His proud dad/owner, Paul Lavery, discovered Harley’s hidden talent after placing a toy on the pup’s head.

“When Harlso was 2 years old I was playing fetch with him at home,” recalled Lavery in an interview with PEOPLE. “He loves chasing his ball across the living room and never tires of it. Whilst playing I set his toy chicken on his head and he stood still and didn’t shake it off. I couldn’t believe it!”

“A few weeks later it was Valentine’s Day and I placed a rose on his head and again he balanced it. That’s when we realized his hidden talent!” he added. Funnily enough, Harlso even helped Paul propose to his wife Jen by balancing the engagement ring on his head. “Jen said yes, but I guess I’ll never know if it was to me or to Harlso,” joked the pup’s owner on another instance.