Have You Ever Seen Cheetah and Tortoise Share a Meal?

Cheetahs and tortoises couldn’t be more different. The first one is the fastest land animal, while the other is among the slowest in the world. However, that apparently doesn’t stop them from sharing a meal together.

Carson Springs Wildlife, based in Gainesville, Florida, recently shared a clip of a cheetah named Tuesday and a tortoise named Penzi eating from the same bowl. The two animals looked like they truly enjoyed their mealtime while being careful not to disturb each other.

To make it even more interesting, Tuesday snacked on veggies despite cheetahs being known as carnivores. Apparently, the big cat decided it was time to try a vegetarian diet and actually liked it.

“Tuesday loves to eat Penzi’s diet!!” Carson Springs Wildlife wrote in the caption of the video hinting that this might be a recurring occurrence.

The video received a lot of attention on social media, getting 700K likes and thousands of comments. Instagram users were impressed with the cheetah’s vegetarian diet as well as how the pair gets so well together.

“Wow! Never realized cheetahs can be omnivorous!” one person wrote in the comments section.

“This the coolest thing I’ve seen all year,” another person added.