Watch Holly the Rabbit Get Her First Taste of Freedom After Being Rescued From a Lab

Beagle Freedom Project, the California-based organization for rescuing animals used in experimental research, recently shared a touching video of a rabbit that gets its first taste of freedom.

According to the organization, Holly the rabbit spent her entire life in a “tiny cage being tested on.” After being freed by the Beagle Freedom Project team from a testing lab, Holly was brought to their rescue facilities and encouraged to get outside and hop on the grass for the first time.

Initially, Holly was afraid of the outdoors, choosing to stay in her carrier. But after being bribed with a juicy carrot, the bunny finally finds the courage to come out.

The rabbit can later be seen enjoying green pastures, getting snuggles, and overall embracing her newfound freedom.

Holly quickly captured the hearts of social media users, while Beagle Freedom Project received praise for their actions.

“Thank you for saving her, you are doing amazing things,” one TikToker wrote.

“she’s so pretty i’m crying,” another added.

Holly is currently staying at Beagle Freedom Project’s facilities but the organization is working on finding it a new home and a family that will shower it with love.