Here is Why Your Dog is Running Away and How to Prevent it

Dog running
Photo by Pixabay on Pixels

Dogs are prone to running away, and it can often happen when you least expect it. It helps to know the reasons behind this habit and how to prevent it.

Why Your Dog is Running Away

There are plenty of reasons why your dog might run away from home or from you. The most common one is that they get scared of loud noises and just run until they can’t hear them anymore.

Other reasons include boredom, searching for a mate, wanting to explore new areas, and having the need to waste built-up energy.

How to Prevent Your Dog from Running Away

A great starting point in preventing your dog from running away is spaying or neutering them. This will prevent the raging hormones that can cause them to act out of character or seek out mates.

Next, you should turn to training. If you teach your dog to understand basic commands like “come” and “stay,” there is a greater chance that they will listen to you when they get the urge to run away.

Finally, you should make sure that your pet is safe from any outside factors that could scare them. Don’t bring them to celebrations that feature fireworks; keep them inside during bad weather, and keep them on a leash in risky situations.