Here’s What It’s Like to Have 2 Toddlers and 4 Dogs Under One Roof

Image via the_samoyed_siblings/Instagram

Sarah Hegarty is a qualified dog groomer from Perth who owns four Samoyeds – Arthur, Aurora, Shimmer, and Sebastian – that became famous on Instagram as “Samoyed Siblings”.

She and husband Aaron Shaw also have two daughters, Layla and Ruby. Raising two toddlers is a difficult task but the couple makes it look effortless even with four big dogs in the family.

“Layla was born in October 2016 and Sebastian and Shimmer, who are littermates, July 30th, 2016 so they’ve literally grown up together and are exceptionally close. Layla learned to walk by holding onto the pup’s fur gently and following them around the house. She sneaks them food, they fall asleep together, read together, do almost everything together, ” Hegarty told Femail.

“Ever since I was a little kid I’ve dreamt of owning a Samoyed…it was once I had my own home I was finally able to get one,” she added.

While Hegarty’s life may be fun with all the dogs around her, it requires a significant amount of time, money and effort to take care of these white pooches.

“Grooming would be the biggest upkeep. I brush them all at least twice a week for an hour or two, they are bathed every week (Shimmer and Sebastian) when they have shows. Arthur and Aurora are bathed every few months,” Hegarty shared.

“In terms of food that costs about $330 per month, supplements (fish oils, bone broth etc) $50 per month and grooming $20 per month (as I already have the supplies and am a dog groomer). But to wash them all in a day and give them a full groom it takes me about eight hours.”

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