Katharine Eksuzian’s Ceramics Celebrate Insects’ Underappreciated Beauty

Image via umamipottery/Instagram

Insects are some of nature’s most underappreciated creatures, but some people are capable of seeing them as beautiful and fascinating. Ceramics artist Katharine Eksuzian is one of them, and many of her creations pay homage to nature by taking the shape of insects.

Eksuzian fell in love with ceramics during her time at the Minnesota Northern Clay Center, and this experience inspired her to start her own small business in 2018. Umami Pottery was born, and she received a lot of support from the Minnesota State Arts Board since opening her own art studio.

Nature is Eksuzian’s main source of inspiration, and she’s on a mission to fully reflect the fragile natural concepts through her art and stress the importance of nature’s protection.

“Her work is driven by a respect for nature and attention to intricate detail. With a focus on ecological themes, she creates scientifically accurate to-scale sculptures that are consciously crafted and completed in a high-fire soda kiln,” she explains on her official website.

Eksuzian is endlessly fascinated by insects, and her creations often take the shape of moths, butterflies, bees, crickets, and caterpillars. There are expectations to this rule, but even when she’s not sculpting insects, nature is always Eksuzian’s main driving force.