Who Knew That Horses can Grow Mustaches?

Image by @Elliot_RG / Twitter

It’s not like you can see a horse with mustache every day, but the sight is not as rare as you may think. Saying that, it’s no wonder that people post the photos of them whenever they have the chance.

First of all, is this a real deal. We were skeptical at first, but the research proved it right. “You will notice, if the horse is not clipped, that it will most likely have a mustache that curls up along the horse’s lips and an abundance of jaw hair, often referred to as a beard, will also be much longer than that of other breeds. Some may be so long that the beard hair comes down to the horse’s bottom lip,” we read on the Old Mill Farm website.

Below are several photos from Twitter and Facebook. One user wrote, “I had no idea this was a real thing.” Neither did we.