Kossi Tchenawou Will Help You Take Better Care of Your House Plants

Taking care of your house plants is easier said than done, and we all sometimes need a helping hand. If you’re struggling to keep your plants alive and need some expert advice on indoor plant care, Kossi Tchenawou is here to help you out.

Tchenawou goes by @k_wossie on both Instagram and TikTok, and he’s one of social media’s most trusted sources of plant care wisdom. The self-proclaimed “Plant Daddy Koss” attracted over 100,000 followers on both platforms with his plant care tips, and he’s here to help you cultivate your own thriving indoor garden.

Tchenawou is based in Denver, Colorado, where he shares his home with two adorable pups and more house plants than we can count. Nurturing plants has become more than just a hobby for Tchenawou, and he gained so much knowledge over the years that he decided to share it with the world and help other nature lovers become responsible indoor plant owners.

Whether you’re a seasoned plant owner or just starting your journey, you’ll find all the tips you need on Tchenawou’s TikTok and Instagram. He’s on a mission to show other people how to create lush and vibrant indoor spaces filled with healthy and happy plants, and his fun viral clips are making it seem easy.