Little Boy Saves Lonely Lost Puppy

Earlier this month, 10-year old João Gabriel found a lonely white puppy as he was walking from school and he decided to help the poor pup.

“I was upset, because he was alone and very cute, and seemed to be hungry,” Gabriel told Globo News. “I took him to the pharmacy that I pass by every day.”

There was a bowl of food and water for stray dogs outside a pharmacy, so he thought that this would be the safest place. He put the tiny pooch in his backpack while going to the store. Little did he know that there was a security camera recording his kind gesture.

Gabriel was seen warmly saying goodbye to the dog he saved. Not long after, workers at the pharmacy contacted Josiel Pedro Barbosa, the animal rescuer who maintains the bowls out front. He came to pick the dog up to provide temporary shelter. After Barbosa appealed online to find a forever home for the puppy, someone gladly responded and adopted him.

The video of Gabriel went viral and has since been viewed millions of times online. He became famous for his heroism but for Gabriel, what matters most is for the dog to have a loving family.

“The other day, I passed by [the pharmacy] and I saw that he had been adopted,” João said. “I was very happy.”

As a token of appreciation, the pharmacy rewarded Gabriel with a new pair of shoes.