Man Buys Toys for 80 Street Dogs in Thailand

Niall Harbison was a successful entrepreneur in his native Ireland with a big media company that he built from scratch. But in 2018, he decided to sell the company and move to Thailand so he could care for the country’s street dogs.

Harbison is documenting his efforts on social media, and his recent video absolutely amazed internet users. He decided to buy toys for 80 street dogs in Thailand, so they, too, could feel the joy of careless fun.

According to Harbison, street dogs are focused on finding food and staying alive, so playing isn’t something that comes naturally to them. He decided to change that while also doing another good deed; the toys would distract the dogs while they received “expensive preventative medicines to stop the horrible ticks, fleas and other diseases they get.”


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“Those medicines will change their lives for the next 3 months,” Harbison wrote on social media. “To be able to have a little fun along the way and make people and dogs smile is a little bonus. We see enough bad stuff that you have to enjoy the moments like this.”

Harbison’s video got 1.6 million views in a matter of weeks on TikTok alone, with social media users praising his efforts in the comments section.

“Thank you for changing their world. You made the world better,” one TikTok user wrote.

“I wish more people in the world were like this,” added another.