Meet ShuPin, the Cute “Potato Chip” Pekingese Dog

Instagram is pretty revolutionary because not only are humans capable of becoming famous through their accounts, their pets can become famous as well. Social media is just that accommodating, because ultimately it’s just providing a platform for people to find things that they like—and people love cute dogs, especially this one.

In this particular case, we have ShuPin, a Pekingese female dog born on September 15th, 2018—and who’s characterized by her owner as a “potato chip”. Don’t believe us? Check out this dog’s Instagram page, where it literally says it in her bio.

It’s not hard to see why ShuPin is so popular. With well over 27,000 followers, this little pooch is one of the cutest little things you’ll come across on your social media feed—and who doesn’t love to see that when they open up their phones? Sometimes you just want a little bit of puppy cuteness in your life, and that’s exactly what ShuPin delivers from all angles.

The more you scroll through ShuPin’s pictures, the more it becomes pretty impossible not to follow her. If you’re wondering whether or not you should hop on the bandwagon, we’ll save you the trouble and tell you to just go ahead and do it! Your daily scroll just got a little bit cuter—you’re welcome!