Meet Winky, the Dwarf Kitty

When a litter of kittens was found and brought to Heather Spencer, a volunteer of Idaho-based Simply Cats one of the fur babies immediately caught her eye. It was Winky, who despite being around two months old was so much smaller than her littler mates.

“She was just a few ounces and she was not shy at all. For being so tiny, she was incredibly brave and playful. Winky enjoyed snuggling into my shirt or hanging out on my shoulder,” Spencer told Love Meow.

The little feline was born with dwarfism, had some respiratory issues, leaky eyes, and needed a special diet for chronic constipation. When she got better and marked the three-pound mark, she was ready for adoption, however, her foster parents couldn’t let her go.

“She enjoys laying on my bed and kneading my pink fuzzy pillow while purring loudly,” Spencer added. “Winky is officially mine. She has stolen my heart.”

To see Winky’s adorable face, just keep on scrolling!

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