Nadine Appe Shares Her Home With 15 Adorable Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are pretty popular pets, but most people stick to having one or two and call it a day. That’s not the case with Nadine Appe, the mastermind behind the popular Instagram page and YouTube channel The Piggy Potatoes, who shares her home with 15 guinea pigs.

Nadine and her husband Phillip weren’t trying to transform their genie pigs into social media stars when they started sharing their adventure with the world. It was just a hobby that allowed them to document their pets’ journey, but people took notice, and The Piggy Potatoes are now followed by over 170,000 people on both Instagram and YouTube.

Nadine has always been a huge fan of genie pigs, and “the more the merrier” seems to be her philosophy since their numbers just kept growing over the years. She used to own seven pets back in 2021, but that number doubled by now, and she’s now a proud owner of 15 genie pigs.

Most people would have a hard time keeping track of so many pets, but Nadine enjoys getting to know more about every single one and discover their unique personalities. Some of them are a little bit shy and don’t enjoy being in front of the camera, so it’s a true miracle to see all 15 of them in the same place.