Repti Fairy is Living Her Best Life With Her Reptile Friends

Most people choose dogs and cats as pets, but one woman from California has a special spot for reptiles. Ada goes by Repti Fairy on social media, and she attracted thousands of followers on Instagram after opening up about her life with six reptile pets.

Ada is a Mexican artist based in California, who enjoys exploring the fantasy world of fairies, elves, and animals through her paintings. She also loves painting reptiles, which doesn’t come as a huge shocker since she shares a home with six of them right now.

Ada’s custom-made reptile enclosure currently houses six adorable pets—lizards Kovu, Rajah, Maxiums, and Oscar, plus the iguana MaryJane and a turtle named Turty. She recently decided to branch out and welcomed a tarantula named Scroop into her loving home.

Ada mostly focuses on funny and relatable content, because she doesn’t feel confident enough to give other people advice since she’s still learning how to take proper care of reptiles on a limited budget.

“Reptile supplies are not cheap so I’m taking it a few things at a time until I have everything. And it’s not that I don’t do my research, it’s mostly about the expenses but luckily I got a raise not too long ago so I have been able to spend more on upgrades,” she wrote on Instagram.