Roxie the Raccoon Introduces Her Babies to Her Human Friend Every Year

Animals are usually quite protective of their babies. But one female raccoon named Roxie has so much trust in her human friend that she feels comfortable introducing her young ones to them every year.

Animal activist Brittany Rose Seidel met Roxie after buying a new home. The previous resident told her that the raccoon occasionally comes for a visit and is quite friendly.

Seidel quickly developed a bond with Roxie, and the raccoon ended up coming quite often, either to get some food or just to greet her. But one day, Roxie decided to bring some company; her babies. 

As it turned out, this wasn’t the end of it. Each time that Roxie had a new litter and the babies were strong enough to walk on their own, she would bring them for a meet and greet.

Seidel recently welcomed a baby of her own and decided to return the favor and introduce it to Roxie. The baby ended up being quite intrigued by the animal and they are also on the path of becoming great friends.

“I trust Roxie the most, so she only interacts with her,” Seidel shared. “And, of course, I’m always there to supervise.”