Pickles the Pug Decides Cat’s New Tree is Actually His 

Cat named Pancake recently got a great surprise from her owners—they bought her a new cat tree. But before the feline could even test it out, her pug sister named Pickles decided that the tree is actually his and moved in.

In a video shared on TikTok, Pickles can be seen touring “her” new home. She first gets inside the small cat house before testing out the pouch at one of the levels. During that time, Pancake seems confused with everything that is happening and looks towards her owners, hoping for some kind of explanation.

“When your pug thinks she’s a cat,” Pickles and Pancake’s owners wrote in the caption of the video.

While Pancake definitely didn’t look amused with Pickles taking over her cat tree, TikTok users seemed like they quite enjoyed the scenes.

“The pug is like the little sister and the cat is the older one saying mom get her out of my room,” one TikToker commented.

“The cats are all like “Mom do something,”” another added.

Let this video be a lesson to you. If you have more than one pet, buy everything double. Otherwise, someone will definitely end up being disappointed or annoyed.