Some Fun Training Tips For Puppies

Photo by Anoir Chafik on Unsplash

Puppies need to be properly trained so they can grow up to be good dogs. Some mistakes made by pet owners may be difficult to correct later on. This article will help you with tips needed to raise puppies well.

  • Your attitude when someone comes knocking is very important. No matter how excited you get when someone comes knocking, you need to always keep in mind that your pup will emulate you. So it doesn’t begin to jump at visitors when it’s grown.
  • Training your pup with the leash is necessary. Take it for walks using the leash. Each time it goes faster or refuses to move forward, instead of pulling it, you should stop immediately. If you’re steadfast with this, the puppy will learn to work the right way.
  • When you give your pup instructions, don’t forget that it’s not a human but a pup. It is advised that your words of command remain constant for each action. This will help her understand what you’re asking it to do. You may need to extend this into writing so that those living together with you understand what to say to it for each instruction.
  • Helping your pup’s social life is also necessary. Expose it to meeting people, visiting new places, meeting other pups and pets. This will help increase your pup’s confidence.
  • Your pup may be scared when you want to clip its nails for the first time. It is fine for it to be. Start by clipping the nails right from when it’s tender. Keep the dog calm during the process. Encourage it by giving her some kind of treat after it’s done.